• Welcome to College Prep English III!

    What can students expect?

    This course brings both classic and contemporary American literature to life. Students will explore some classic works like Of Mice and Men and The Crucible, and also read and analyze variety of short stories, poetry, informational text and media which are thematically linked. As we react to these works, we'll be developing and enhancing the skills needed to succeed in a variety of settings. Writing, active reading strategies, vocabulary acquistion and grammar will be important components of the course. The course will include a wide variety of narrative, expository, argumentative and creative writing as well.

    How  will students be graded in English III?
    Students will be graded as follows:  Major tests, essays and projects (summative assessments) comprise 80% of the grade.  Classwork, quizzes and homework (formative assessments) comprise  20%. Progress is recorded in Schoology biweekly.To succeed, students should bring charged laptops daily and access Schoology for weekly assignments.
    How can parents and guardians help their students succeed?
    Provide a quiet environment for  reading/study and encourage your child to read independently at home for an hour each week. Ask them about their book!

    Praise your child for good grades and stay positive and encouraging.  Remind them that school is their job.

    Show your child that reading is pleasurable by turning off the TV and grabbing a book, newspaper, e-reader, tablet or magazine yourself!

    Check online for  grades and current averages



    Our English III Remind code is @293kh7 


    Contact me with concerns by phone 856 652 2700 ext. 8173 or email lhartman@gpsd.us


Last Modified on September 13, 2021