• Gifted & Talented Program Overview

    Gifted and Talented (GT) pupils will obtain appropriate instructional adaptations and services to encourage development of their special abilities in achieving the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Glassboro’s GT Program designs its practices and approach with the identified scholar in mind.  The image below outlines the levels of support that will be provided for those involved in the GT community throughout the school year.  Providing ongoing support to the individual scholar, their parents/guardians, teachers, and promote community partnerships will maximize the experience for GT scholars.



    The GT Curriculum is designed to help students grow as individual learners and to grow as team members.  The overarching goal is for GT scholars to reach their full potential using a variety of approaches including thematic units, project-based learning, technology integration, and leadership development.  It is important that students develop their gifts and talents and be challenged to use them to serve the community. This ideology is a fundamental principle to promote our GT scholars to identify, develop and utilize their abilities to ignite change in the world.