• GT Curriculum Continuum Outline*

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    • Theme:  Love of Literacy (LOL)
    • Goal/Rationale:  For the first half of the year, students will be exposed to a variety of above level literature. For the second half of the school year, identified students will collaborate with each other to write, illustrate and publish a book titled, Being a Bulldog Buddy.  This book will be placed into the library of Rodgers School for teachers to use as a tool for character education; a digital version of the book will also be made available.

    Grades 1-2

    • Theme:  Peace Out Pollution
    • Goal/Rationale: In collaboration with Empowered Schools and The Philadelphia Zoo, scholars will design a student-led campaign to raise awareness on the impact of pollution. Students’ work will be on display in school for Earth Day, as well as submitted for the UNLESS Contest.

    Grade 3

    • Theme:  Engineering on Wheels (EOW)
    • Goal/Rationale:  In partnership with Rowan University, our scholars will take part in EOW, a mobile engineering outreach program.  Engineering students from Rowan will bring lessons that cover STEM, hands-on activities and experiments.  Our students will gain an authentic experience, while being challenged in the area of STEM.

    Grades 4-5

    • Theme:  Robotics and Beyond
    • Goal/Rationale:  Students will be given simulated situations they have to problem solve using robotics. Some situations will emulate real-life occurrences to promote development of critical thinking skills and the ability to use technology to solve a problem. In addition, students will manipulate various tech tools, ie: coding Photon Robots, drones, green screen, etc. 

    Grades 6-7

    • Theme:  Mock Trial
    • Goal/Rationale:  In conjunction with New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF) and Gloucester County Superior Court, students will take part in Law Adventures Mock Trial Competition. Grade 6 scholars will familiarize themselves with mock trial proceedings, while Grade 7 scholars will be tasked to write their own trial for submission into the competition. Both grade levels will perform their case in an actual courtroom, in collaboration with Classroom to Courtroom, a program that links real judges to students in the community.

    Grade 8

    • Theme:  Making Math Matter
    • Goal/Rationale:  Scholars will attend VFairs, sponsored by Junior Achievement's JA Inspire Virtual.  This online platform allows students to attend webinars and presentations, explore company exhibits, and interact with career speakers. Students will also take part in the Stock Market Game where they will connect to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning.  In addition, scholars will be tasked to become project managers as they design a Math Carnival for younger students within the district.

    High School

    • Theme:  Global Transformers
    • Goal/Rationale:  Students will be called to action as they use their gifts and talents to familiarize themselves with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by United Nations. Students will be tasked to collaborate and select a goal of their choice to respond to as Global Transformers.

    *Curriculum activities may change due to unforeseen circumstances, availability and/or to better meet students’ diverse and growing needs.