Important note

General Information

  •  Listed below is some very important information. 


    1.  Your child will need a backpack.  Please try to find one that is not too small and not too difficult for your child to maneuver.  NO rolling backpacks, please.


    2.  Your child will need a lunchbox or reusable lunch bag to carry a light snack and lunch to school every day.  Please do NOT send soda or candy.  Free breakfast will be provided.  Your child may select breakfast or eat a snack from home.  Lunch will be available to purchase from our cafeteria as well. 


    3.  Please purchase a standard two-pocket folder for your child.  This will serve as the daily folder.  It will be sent home and should be sent back to school every day.  Please check your child’s folder each day.  This is a direct communication line between home and school.  Notes, forms, snack money, etc. should arrive to school inside the folder. 


    SUGGESTION When purchasing the above items for your child, while still in the store---try fitting a folder and lunchbox in your chosen backpack.  If there is room to spare, GREAT.  If not, please reconsider your choice of backpack.  It must be large enough to fit additional items that will be sent home from time to time.  The folder will get damaged in a backpack that is too small.


    4.   Please label all of your child’s items with his or her name, including outdoor clothing (jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) and also your child’s lunchbox and backpack. 



    5.  Please send in an extra change of clothing, including underwear and socks for your child.  Again, please label all items with your child’s name.  These items may be placed in a gallon-sized “Ziploc-type” bag.  Keep in mind that clothing items will need to be exchanged when the season changes.


    6.  Children should wear comfortable play clothes every day.  Sneakers are safest as a daily choice of shoes.


    7.  Please notify the school if your child will be absent for any reason.  Also, please keep in mind the school’s illness policy.  Please call the school if you have any questions regarding this policy. 


    8.  DISMISSAL:  If, for any reason your child should not take the bus or is being picked up by a different adult, a  written note from you is required.  Important notes such as this should be placed in your child's daily folder.  If a note is not received, your child will take the bus as scheduled.  This regulation also applies to children who do not ride the school bus and get picked up every day.  We call these children “walkers.”  Unless we have a written note from home stating that other arrangements have been made for that day, your child will be a walker.  These procedures are for the safety of your child.  Also, any changes in bus arrangements must be made through the Transportation Department.   Walkers are met and signed out in the all-purpose room, located in the B-wing of the school.  The adult picking up the child may be asked to show a valid picture identification.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please call, as we are glad to assist in the best way possible:  856-652-2700.  We are looking forward to an exciting school year with you and your child! 

     Thank you very much for your cooperation and support!


    The Pre-K Teachers