• In Preschool, Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing students. The assessment model used in GOLD follows widely held expectations for children at a preschool age that enables a whole-child approach to assessment. Parents will receive information on the progress of their child’s social/emotional, physical, language, and cognitive growth three times per year.

    In Kindergarten, we utilize a standards-based report card to determine student growth. Teachers will assess student progress based on classroom performance, participation, completion of assignments and assessments. Each student will have a portfolio that is representative of the various standards taught throughout the marking period. Parents will receive information on their child’s academic progress four times per year.

    Marking Period 1 – ends TBD

    Marking Period 2 – ends TBD

    Marking Period 3 – ends TBD

    Marking Period 4 – ends TBD