• Sports Physicals Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a “Sport Physical”: a sport physical is actually an athletic pre-participation evaluation which is mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education. It is required for all students in grades 6-12 who want to participate in athletics and some competitive clubs. A physician, advanced practice nurse or physician’s assistant must examine the student and review the health history to determine whether or not the student may participate in sports with or without limitations.  The Sport Pre-participation Evaluation form will then be sent to the School Physician. He/She will provide a written notification to the parent stating approval or disapproval of the student’s participation in athletics based upon the medical report. Students cannot begin participating until the school physician completes the review process. 
    2. How long is a Sports Physical good for?  A Sports Physical is good for 365 days from the date of the medical examination. If the examination is completed more than 90 days prior to the first practice session, the student and parent are required to complete a Health History Update questionnaire
    3. What should I do if my child has asthma, a significant allergy or some other health issue requiring the use of medication? An allergy medication form and or asthma treatment plan should be completed by physician and parent and submitted with the completed sport physical.
    4. What if my child needs further evaluation or medical clearances? All required follow up medical testing and clearances must be obtained prior to submitting the sports physical to the school nurse. All relevant medical documentation should be attached. Sport physical forms will not be forwarded to the school physician for approval until all documentation is provided to the school nurse.   


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