• If your child has to quarantine for any reason, please make sure you reach out to me. There are sometimes many students at a time who get sent out so it would be very helpful for you to email me to keep me in the loop of what is going on. If your child has to stay home for a period of time, please set up a pickup date with me for their materials and laptop. They are expected to come onto a class Zoom call and listen in to lessons during the day so that they don’t fall behind. Most work will be done on our calls and they should have those materials with them to work on with pencil & paper. I will give you my Zoom link and any other information needed through email.

     Please make sure the materials, laptop & charger come back safely to school when they return.

    They can utilize Zearn, Raz Kids, IXL and Seesaw while out. (They should have all of these log ins in the front of their maroon Bullock folder)

    They should be doing a Zearn lesson and Raz story/quiz each day. They can supplement in more math and language arts practice with IXL. Please have them check Seesaw for any help/work I may specifically post for them.