Mi Clase es Tu Clase

  • To my Students,

    Learning a second language is all about consistency and attitude. It takes a good sense of humor. You may not sound as you like, it may sound awkward, but you have to persevere. I am there every step of the way, but it is your drive that will make you a Spanish-speaker. This doesn't happen overnight, so don't expect to walk out of this class speaking fluently after you graduate. Some things just take time. Proficiency is like that. It is a skill.

    In this class, I hope that you will learn about yourselves as well. These are challenging times and I will be sharing Social Emotional Learning tips that I've learned and believe to be helpful.

    Whether you are in this class because you have to take it to graduate or you are thinking about majoring or minoring in Spanish in college, I will remind you that you're job is to develop yourself. Nobody can do that for you.

    Be active in your learning and engage. Make it fun for everyone around you. We need your best attitude so we can move at a good pace. We are a unit. We move together.

    Vamos juntxs!