• Teacher Philosophy
            As an educator, I have committed myself to helping students to grow into responsible, independent and knowledgeable adults.  I will encourage all students to excersice moral and ethical behavior, demostrate a social consciousness and treat each other with and faculty with respect.  I firmly believe that everyone has something positive to offer to class, so everyone will be encouraged to contribute to classroom activities.  In addition, I feel is my duty and responsibility to help each student develop goals and objectives, and reach their fullest potential, not only in my classroom, but also in other aspects of their lives.
        **ALL students are expected to respect each other and faculty at all times.
        **ALL students must be on time for class
        **ALL students must LISTEN when others are speaking.  This includes listening while another classmate is speaking.
        **It is the DUTY of the absent student to get missing assignments from your nonna, your famiglia, or see me so you have the missing assignments.
        **ALL students are expecte do come prepared for class.  The book, notebook, pen or pencil.
    Grading Policy
    Each marking period average(40% is yur final grade) is calculated from:
             40% Tests, PBA, Projects
              30% quizzes
              30% HW, CW, class participation
Last Modified on February 11, 2019