Internet Safety

  • Safe Search Engine for Kids!

    • Kiddle - safe search engine for kids, by Google
    • Kid Rex - a link to safe searching sites for kids
    • kidssearch-a Safe Search Engine and Portal for Kids from Google Safe Search 2020. 

    Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety helps families make smart media choices. They offer one of the largest libraries of independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, books, and music. Their Parent Concerns and Parent Blog help families understand and navigate the problems and possibilities of raising children in the digital age.

    Get Cyberwise about INTERNET SAFETY Snapchat, Fortnight, Instagram and more. Digital parenting is daunting, but they can help! Learn about everything from social media to cyberbullying, sexting, digital reputations and more--so you can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.


Last Modified on April 18, 2020