• Zearn Independent Digital Lessons (completed by students)

    Usernames, Passwords and Class Code were sent home with your child prior to school closing. One lesson on Zearn per day is required to be completed. The lessons for students to complete in Zearn match up to the number of days needed to complete each Module in Eureka Math. The Module students are working on are already pre-assigned by your classroom teacher.

    Students will work through four components of a skill for each lesson of Zearn:

    1. Number Gym - An individually adaptive fluency activity that helps students foundational number sense. These activities help to reinforce previous learned concepts or address any areas of unfinished learning.
    2. Lesson Aligned Fluency – Activities to support grade level learning by reviewing previously learned concepts and preparing for upcoming content.
    3. Guided Practice – Opportunity to learn and practice new concepts. Visualizations using high quality digital manipulatives. Watch video to understand the new concept being instructed. However, no printable materials are necessary for students in this section.
    4. Tower of Power – Demonstrates student new learning where they work through multiple stages of independent practice. Students must solve problems that become more complex and less scaffolded as they progress. All questions need to be answered correctly to complete the Tower of Power and unlock the next lesson in the mission. If they get an answer wrong, they get personalized impeded remediation that provides the support needed. It breaks down the problem into smaller steps with more supportive manipulatives.

    For additional support with the module, the lessons from Eureka Math can be viewed on YouTube. Your classroom teacher will post a direct link to the Module and Lesson that your child will be working on each day.

Last Modified on April 13, 2020