Thursday-March 19, 2021

  • I thought mayby this would be more direct for everyone, if I just created a daily page.


    Great book I own:  Kid Chat by Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie The Question Guys

    Why I love it:  It gets children to think and talk and ask some funny qestions.

    When did I use it:  When I taught Family and Consumer Science a daily warm up was required to be posted as studens walked into the room.  I used it as a writing warm up, which is particulary good if you are working on sentence structure.

    It can also be a dinner conversation starter which helps to build all those connections I keep talking about.

    Sample Questions:

    If something besides rain or snow could fall occasionally from the sky, what would you want it to be?  Example:  Jellybeans

    If you could be shrunk down to one inch tall for a day, what do you think would be the most exciting please to explore? Personaly I would hang out at the White House.

    If you could invite anyone in the world to come to your school and give a talk in front of the students, whom would you invite to your school?  That's really tough one for me.

    What particular quality above all others do you look for when choosing your friends?  A common bond

    If you could do anything you wanted-anything at all-for your next birthday, what would you do? Fly to London for a weekend and visit yarn shops.Kid Chat by Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie

    If you were a king or queen, what is the first rule you would set for the people in your kingdom?


    I will share more tomorrow!


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