• Mission / Philosophy


         My values and attitude as a teacher reflect on the importance of empathy, a positive attitude, and encouragement to make a difference in a child’s life. The key to success in learning is to emphasize the positive things that a child does inside and outside of the classroom. His or her own individual accomplishments should be the focus of attention.  Each child is seen as an individual, and as a teacher, it is my responsibility to be aware of my student’s strengths and weaknesses and help develop their good self-esteem and confidence by providing an assurance of safety, respect, and establishment of trust. We also can learn so much from others. Collaboration and sharing empower students as they learn to present their ideas more effectively. By providing opportunities for success and fostering a sense of belonging, a student will feel good about his or her progress and hopeful about the future.  

          Feedback from students is so important. Learning from students, for example, the pacing of specific topics and lesson plans, and effective ways to help them learn in small group discussions, creates a positive learning environment in which students feel comfortable, safe, and engaged. Stress affects learning and memory. Patience and understanding is key. When planning a curriculum or interacting with students, I am always conscious of their different learning styles and rates, what they have already learned, and what they will need to learn in the future.

          I strive for my classroom to be a dynamic and engaging place to be for my students. Developing a curriculum around student interests fosters curiosity, motivation, and stimulates the passion to learn. The goal of education should be to encourage seeking answers. Inspiring students to be inquisitive and not to hold back, encourages life-long learners.