Welcome All Stars!

  • With all of this craziness going on, I want to provide you with some sense of stability. I want this to be an opportunity for the students to know that I will be posting inspirational messages and checking up on them. 🙂 I want our class Facebook page to also be a tool for the students to use and know that I will be communicating with them through it. Please make sure to check our page daily for any tips, reminders, or updates.

    My out of school email times will be the same everyday. If emails come after 3pm, I will answer them the next day ASAP.



    search- AllemansAllStars 

    Like/follow the group 





  • I have been constantly posting updates on our class throughout the year so that you can feel as if you are there with us! I like to also post any updates, reminders, tips, etc. to my page for both parents and the students. Please follow and like our page and keep up with Alleman's All Stars!


    Search for the page username:  @AllemansAllStars

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