Child Development & Early Childhood Education 2
    This course is the second of 3 in the Child Care/ Education career pathway.
    This is a year-long course offered during block 4 to allow for hands-on learning/apprenticeship during semester 2




    As a second level class, this class is operated as an Honors level class. Students enrolled in this class are expected to go above and beyond what they would in a regular, grade-level class. Expectations are very high and content is very diverse. Students need to stay on top of all work in this course.


    Semester 1 we are classroom learning…

    Unit 1- what makes an effective teacher

                    The modern world of teaching

    Unit 2- The school

                    Early history of education in America

                    The modern history of education in America

                    The history of education in NJ

                    Schools and Society

    Unit 3- Understanding Human development**

                    Preschool years

                    Middle childhood

                    Teen years

                    How Nutrition Effects Human growth & development

                    Understanding and teaching diverse learners/Special education


    Students will using Schoology in class and at home, for projects and assignments.

    Students will have access to an online suite for the text series: Teaching, 3rd Edition. There is also a workbook and other resources that the student will be using regularly. Access will be granted via live links in Schoology


    ** in CDECE 1, students learned briefly about some of these subject areas. In this class, students will learn these areas to a greater degree with much more detail.

    Semester 2 (February- June) is traditionally when this level class is assigned a teacher’s classroom from Bullock School, where they will become the teacher’s assistant, helping students, grading papers, building bulletin boards, and more. Students are transported via school bus, M-F, at the beginning of block 4, to Bullock School. They are then transported via the same bus, back to GHS, for GHS dismissal.  Students become an important asset in the classroom, while getting the first hand experience of being a teacher.

    As this time approaches, there will be additional information provided.

    Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are currently in the planning stages of this part of the program. I will provide more information as it becomes available. We do not want these students to miss this part of the experience, as it makes a difference in the learning and applicability of what they have learned in the classroom.


    80% formative assessment (workbook pages/resource materials/ participation)

    20% summative assessment (unit exams, projects/presentations)

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