• Why a behavior management plan?
    I am a teacher who believes that students learn best when they feel safe and supported in a classroom environment.  Additionally, I understand that as a parent or guardian, you are the most significant person in your child’s life, and it is your child’s best interest that we work together to make his or her educational experience the best that it can be.

    In order for your child to feel safe and free to learn, a classroom management plan that has clear expectations, encourages positive academic and social behaviors, and has consequences for inappropriate behaviors is necessary.  I have included my behavior management plan below and would appreciate if you would take the time to review it with your child. If you have any questions at all about the plan I encourage you to call or arrange a time to meet so that we can talk.

    Ms. Stewart's Behavior Management Plan


    1. Follow directions
    2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    3. No swearing, put-downs, teasing, or foul language
    4. Be on time and be prepared
    5. Raise your hand to be recognized


    1. Praise
    2. Bonus Points
    3. Call home
    4. Individual rewards; homework passes, music time, free time
    5. Classwide rewards including a pretzel party, video recess, social time


    1. Warning reminder
    2. Last one out of class
    3. Lunch detention
    4. Parent conference and Reflection Report
    5. Referral to the office

                                                                              Severe Clause

                                     An immediate office referral will occur for the following infractions:
                   Fighting, vandalism, overt defiance (stopping the class from functioning), weapons, drugs,
                                                            and going off of the school grounds.

Last Modified on May 11, 2022