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  • This course will provide students with a roadmap from high school to the future, while helping them to acquire the life skills necessary to be a self-sufficient, successful individual. The major focus of Career Exploration and Preparation is on selecting a career pathway, researching career requirements, researching post-secondary educational institutions, preparing for college/job interviews, preparing a resume, identifying requirements for finding a job and requirements for joining the workplace, acquiring professional development skills, developing life skills, and becoming a lifelong learner.  Each individual student, based on their interests, will obtain skills to ease the transition into higher-level postsecondary studies.  This course will assist in preparing students for a traditional path, as well as, promote the expanded participation of students in the exploration of and preparation for nontraditional careers.  This allows students to satisfy their personal interests, make the best use of their particular knowledge and skills, and take advantage of critical growth areas in New Jersey’s economy.
    Everything presented in the class will be interactive, allowing the student to learn through classroom guest presentations, oral presentations and self-reflections. This course helps students set and realize goals, is hands-on, develops the transferrable skills that are desirable from employers, paints a clear picture of independent living after high school, allows students to see firsthand the ins/outs, likes/dislikes, of their chosen career field, and assists students in making sound career/post-secondary choices.
    This course is offered as a one-semester course and is recommended for the Junior or Senior year.