Welcome to the School Performance Reports Page!

    We're proud of the education offered in the Glassboro School District. The New Jersey Department of Education posts information about all schools in the state on the NJ School Performance Report website. 

    Click the icon below to access that website, and then select "Home" to access that site's search capabilities. The website offers options to search for schools by zip code, county, district, or school name. For GPSD, the zip code is 08028, the county is Gloucester, the district is Glassboro, and our schools are as follows: J. Harvey Rodgers, Dorothy L. Bullock, Thomas E. Bowe, Glassboro High School, and Glassboro Intermediate (reporting information still available from prior years despite school closure). You can view an overall district report, reports for individual schools, and summary reports as well as detail reports. (The reports on the website do not display if pop-ups are blocked.)


    If you click on this image, you will be able to access NJ School Performance Reports.

Last Modified on February 15, 2023