• birthday


    Dear Families,


    I am anxious to share in the celebration of your child’s birthday!  I invite you to participate in the “Birthday Book Program” where your child “TREATS” the classroom to a book on his/her birthday.  Please purchase a new picture book or choose a gently used one from home, wrap it and send it to school with your child on his/her birthday.

    I will read the book to the class and then it goes into our classroom library for everyone to enjoy.  On the inside cover will be a picture of your child holding his/her book. (I will take the picture) and the date of his/her birthday. (Summer birthdays will be celebrated in the spring).

    This is a wonderful way to promote reading as we celebrate our birthdays!  The books in the Birthday Book Basket are available for everyone to read this year and in the following years.

     I have found the birthday books to be some of the most popular reading books during reading time.  The children love to share the books and are so excited to see their pictures inside the cover.

     Birthdays are a very exciting part of your child’s life and so is the gift of reading.  Please keep in mind that a treat is gone within minutes, while a book lasts a lifetime!!


    P.S.  School book orders are a great place to get good books for reasonable prices.  The birthday book can be a hardcover or a softcover.


    Thank you!

    Mrs. Budney