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    1. Lunch Account  -     You can send money daily, weekly, or monthly or you can logon to your child's lunch account through our district webpage and pay online. If you are paying by check (please make the check out to: Glassboro Lunch Account). PLEASE SEND CASH OR CHECK IN AN ENVELOPE OR BAGGY WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON IT AND PLACE IT IN THEIR FOLDER.
    2. Student Number -    Each student in my class has a number. (You will see this next to your child's name.) This is our class in alphabetical order by last name. I use these numbers often in class for quick filing etc…
    3. Home Folder -    Each student will have a daily take-home folder. This folder is where anything that I need to see should be (doctor’s notes, homework, lunch money etc…). The students will place these folders in a basket every morning for me to go through. Please be sure to empty this folder each night.
    4. ** Homework-     Homework will be sent home Monday through Thursday.  Each student will have a student planner where they will write their assignment for the day.  This planner will need to come to school each day and be initialed by a parent each night.  Students' behaviors will also be recorded in this book.  Your child is expected to read for 10-15 minutes each night. 
    5. Please be sure to put your child's first and last name on jackets, lunch boxes, umbrellas, bags, gloves, hat, etc…
    6. Our classroom is #D-25. The phone number is 856-625-2700, Ext. is 8155. My  e-mail address is lbudney@gpsd.us.
    7. WATER BOTTLES:   Students are encouraged to bring in a water bottle to keep on their desk during the day.  Please send in a SPORTS type bottle with a top that can be closed by pushing down or a straw that can be closed.  (This helps prevent spills and please ONLY water in them, NO juice or soda.)
    8. Pencil Boxes:  I ask that all students bring in a Pencil Box.  (Approx: 10.5”X 8”X 1.5” Pencil Boxes work best.)

    I am looking forward to a great school year. I will need your help at home. Please read to or with your child as often as possible. Help or check your child's homework. Look at your child's work that he or she brings home and practice what we do in class.


    Together we will have a successful year!