• 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

    List of key district positions and officers or coordinators for mandated district programs.

    District-Wide Admins and Supervisors

    Chief School Administrator/Superintendent Dr. Mark Silverstein
    Chief Academic Officer Dr. Robert Preston
    Director of Special Education Catherine Torbik
    Supervisor of Instruction, Mathematics & Science Brandi Sherican
    Supervisor of Instruction, Language Arts & Social Studies Andrew Pancoast
    Supervisor of Instruction, Technology & Visual & Performing Arts Susan Kornicki
    Business Administrator/Board Secretary Lisa Ridgway
    Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds Richard Booth
    Supervisor of Transportation Diane Veight
    Director of Technology Chuck Baur
    Supervisor of Staff & Student Services Erin Williams

    Building Admins and Supervisors

    Principal - Glassboro High School Dr. Monique Stowman-Burke
    Assistant Principal - Glassboro High School, Discipline Yuna Park
    Assistant Principal - Glassboro High School, Athletic Director Christian Lynch
    Principal - Bowe School   Craig Stephenson  
    Assistant Principal - Bowe School   Lauren Kerr
    Principal - Bullock School   Kelly Marchese  
    Assistant Principal - Bullock School Mary Aruffo
    Principal - Rodgers School Melanie Sweeney

    Officers and Coordinators for District-Wide Programs

    Affirmative Action Officer Robert Preston
    Title IX Coordinator Robert Preston
    504 Coordinator Catherine Torbik
    ADA Coordinator Catherine Torbik
    Purchasing Agent Lisa Ridgway
    Custodian of Records Lisa Ridgway
    Public Agency Compliance Officer Lisa Ridgway
    Right To Know Officer Lisa Ridgway
    Integrated Pest Management Coordinator Richard Booth
    Designated Indoor Air Quality Person Richard Booth
    Anti-Bullying Coordinator Robert Preston
    Anti-Bullying Specialist-J. Harvey Rodgers School Nicole Pacera
    Anti-Bullying Specialist-Dorothy L. Bullock School Amanda Brice
    Anti-Bullying Specialist-Thomas E. Bowe School Tammy Belcher
    Anti-Bullying Specialist-Glassboro High School   Marybeth Ragozzino  
Last Modified on August 30, 2022