• The Glassboro Public School District uses a centralized, Voice Over IP phone system. 

    There have been a couple of things to note when using our voice menus.

      856-652-2700 is the main District Number 
    • You may call this number to reach any staff member in any building by dialing their extension
    • You may reach the office for any building by pressing the school number and then 4
    • An operator can only be reached after you have selected a building from the main menu
    • All staff have 4 digit extensions - see below.

    The main district menu asks you to pick a school, central administration or school closing information.  These numbers are consistent throughout the system (as explained below)

    District Menu

    • 1 for GHS (grades 9-12)
    • 2 for Intermediate (grades 7 & 8)
    • 3 for Bowe (grades 4-6)
    • 4 for Bullock (grades 1-3)
    • 5 for Rodgers (Pre-K & K)
    • 6 for Central Administration including Beach Admin, Transportation, Maintenance and CST
    • 7 for School Closings.
    • 9 to repeat the menu.

    School Menus
    Every School (options 1 through 5 of the main menu) follows the same menu scheme (unless otherwise noted on the buildings voice menu).  To reach the main office for any school press 4:

        • 1 for the reporting an absence
        • 2 for the school nurse
        • 3 for guidance
        • 4 for the main office
        • 8 to repeat current menu
        • 9 to return to previous menu  


    You may dial a directory by pressing the * (star) key AFTER the introduction greeting.


    There are NO "Operators" available.  Please contact the main office of any school by pressing option 4 from a building menu.

    Glassboro is now using 4 digit extensions, reduced from 5 on the old phone system.
    The FIRST digit reflects the building the person is in:
      • 1 for GHS
      • 2 for Intermediate
      • 3 for Bowe
      • 4 for Bullock
      • 5 for Rodgers
      • 6 for District level including Central Administration, Transportation and Maintenance
      • 8 for Teaching Staff, regardless of the building.
    So all 1xxx extensions are at GHS, 2xxx at Intermediate, 3xxx at Bowe, 4xxx at Bullock, 5xxx at Rodgers, 6xxx are district level and 8xxx are teachers.
    The last three digits reflect the persons phone number.  There are some numbers that will be the same in each building.  For example
    • x100 will ring the school's main office - 1100 rings GHS, 2100 rings Intermediate, etc.
    • x211 will ring the Guidance secretary or counselor of the building
    • x311 will ring the school nurse - 1311 rings GHS nurse, 2311 rings GIS nurse, 3311 rings Bowe nurse, 4311 rings Bullock nurse, 5311 rings Rodgers nurse
    • x411 will ring the school library
    • x711 will ring the school cafeteria

    You may dial a person's 4 digit extension AFTER the introduction greeting on the main line or from any menu, regardless of which school's menu you are on. 

    ALL calls to teacher/classroom extensions will be routed directly to voicemail during school hours.  You may contact a teacher in an emergency by calling the main office.


Last Modified on February 8, 2016