Phone System


    The Glassboro Public School District uses a centralized, Voice Over IP phone system. 

    There have been a couple of things to note when using our voice menus.

    856-652-2700 is the main District Number 

    • You may call this number to reach any staff member in any building by dialing their extension
    • You may reach the office for any building by pressing the school number and then 4
    • An operator can only be reached after you have selected a building from the main menu
    • Teacher extensions go directly to voicemail during school hours. Contact Main office if there is an emergency and you must reach the teacher.
    • All staff have 4 digit extensions - see below.

    The main district menu asks you to pick a school, central administration or school closing information.  These numbers are consistent throughout the system (as explained below)

    District Menu

    • Press 1 for GHS (grades 9-12)
    • Press 3 for Bowe (grades 6-8)
    • Press 4 for Bullock (grades 1-5)
    • Press 5 for Rodgers (Pre-K & K)
    • Press 6 for Central Administration including Beach Admin, Transportation, Maintenance and CST
    • Press 7 for School Closings.
    • Press 9 to repeat the menu.

    School Menus
    Every School (options 1 through 5 of the main menu) follows the same menu scheme (unless otherwise noted on the buildings voice menu).  To reach the main office for any school press 4:

        • Press 1 for reporting an absence
        • Press 2 for the school nurse
        • Press 3 for guidance
        • Press 4 for the main office
        • Press 8 to repeat current menu
        • Press 9 to return to previous menu  


    You may dial a directory by pressing the * (star) key AFTER the introduction greeting..  


    There are NO "Operators" available.  Please contact the main office of any school by pressing option 4 from a building menu. 

    Glassboro uses 4 digit extensions.  The FIRST digit reflects the building the person is in:
    • Starts with 1 for GHS
    • Starts with 3 for Bowe
    • Starts with 4 for Bullock
    • Starts with 5 for Rodgers
    • Starts with 6 for District level including Central Administration, Transportation and Maintenance
    • Starts with 8 for Teaching Staff, regardless of the building.

    The last three digits reflect the persons phone number.  There are some numbers that will be the same in each building.  For example

    • x100 will ring the school's main office - 1100 rings GHS, 2100 rings Intermediate, etc.
    • x211 will ring the Guidance secretary or counselor of the building
    • x311 will ring the school nurse - 1311 rings GHS nurse, 3311 rings Bowe nurse, 4311 rings Bullock nurse, 5311 rings Rodgers nurse.
    • x411 will ring the school library
    • x711 will ring the school cafeteria

    You may dial a person's 4 digit extension AFTER the introduction greeting on the main line or from any menu, regardless of which school's menu you are on. 

    ALL calls to teacher/classroom extensions will be routed directly to voicemail during school hours.  You may contact a teacher in an emergency by calling the main office.


Last Modified on August 30, 2022