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    On October 2, 2014, the Sports Hall of Fame held its Fall Induction Banquet and Ceremony. Below are pictures from the event, a copy of the program and a news release that was sent in advance of the event. The program includes individual pictures and "bios" for the inductees. Congratulations to the 2014 Sports Hall of Fame Inductees!
    Individual Inductees
           Individual inductees (new members) are pictured above: back row, left - right - Karl Hines, Terrence Holmes and Tariq Sakeen Wright. John Polillo, Sr., Jen Gennaoui Cartella, Kevin Jeffers, Coach Gloria Byard, Jesse Rappaport, Beth Clark Zimmerman and George Beach. Dale Pitts is also one of our newest members. He is not pictured. Mark Clark was inducted posthumously. Mark's wife Sara attended in his honor but is not pictured above.
    1983 Football Team
          The 1983 GHS Championship Football Team was also inducted into the Glassboro High School Sports Hall of Fame on October 2, 2014. Many members are pictured above. The complete list of 1983 team inductees (in alphabetical order) include: Pat Adams, the late Coach John Aveni, Ron Barratt, the late Coach and Athletic Director Bob Barratt, Ron Barratt, Steve Bateman, David Bateman, Blaine Capano, Chris Carmolingo, Tom Chang, Joe Clowney, Coach Lou Corradetti, Ben Credell, Nate Culbreath, Joe Delia, the late Brian Donovan, Glenn Esgro, Darryl Fowler, Lee Frank, Mark Gipe, Wooody Griscom, Irving Gustilo, Martin Gustilo, David Joyce, Tim Lester, Gordon Lockbaum, Dink MacNeil, Frank Mancini, Chug Mangeney, Joe Mazzeo, Coach Jack McCulley, Tyrone Mears, Sean Redman, Tim Ryan, the late Dion Schulde, Coach Bob Siebold, Bill Stewart, Coach Steve Tucker, Robert Turner, Mike Wigglesworth, Quincy Wise and Tom Wood.

          Click here to read the Tuesday, October 2, 2014 Program for the Sports Hall of Fame Banquet. The program includes pictures of individual inductees and information on their athletic contributions. Click here to read a news release announcing the 2014 selection of inductees.
    2014 Inductees
    Karl Hines
    Terrence Holmes
    Tariq Sakeen Wright
    John Polillo, Sr.
    Jen Gennaoui Cartella
    Mark Clark
    Mark Clark
    Kevin Jeffers
    Dale Pitts
    Dale Pitts
    Jesse Rappaport
    Beth Clark Zimmerman
    George Beach
    Gloria Byard
    1983 Undefeated Football Team


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