• Standard Operating Procedure for FIELD TRIPS


    Listed below is the standard operating procedure for serving students meals who are leaving school on a trip. This form must be kept on file and may be requested during a review.

    • Parents will return order form 2 days prior to Field Trip.
    • The Food Service Director will fill in the Field Trip Roster with Name of Student & Meal Choice components. A staff member will only be required to check off that the student received the meal.
    • On the day of the trip the Food Service Director will provide the Teacher with the Bagged Lunches in a tote with ice packs along with the completed roster of students and their choices.
    • When the students return to the school the Teacher will deliver the tote, ice packs, any bagged lunches that were left over, and the completed roster to the Food Service Director.
    • The Food Service Director or Head Cashier will enter the students that received a meal into the Point Of Sale (POS) System or Roster if POS is not available.
    • When available a Reimbursable Field Trip Key will be added to the POS for more accurate tracking.
    • All completed Field Trip rosters will be kept in the Food Service Directors Office.