• Sportsmanship


    Dear Parents,


    All of my students are required to show good Sportsmanship in both P.E. class as well as when the students play games on the playground during recess. Although some of the games that are played during class are competitive, my goal is for the students to concentrate more on having fun and helping each other throughout the entire class rather than worrying about who wins, loses, how the ref calls the game, or  how a bad play affects the game.  Listed below are the keys to showing good sportsmanship.  Please review these points with your child. If these rules are broken, your child understands that they can be removed from the game/activity as well as reflect in their grade for that specific class period. I hope that all of my students enjoy their class time by having the most fun possible while abiding  by good sportsmanlike conduct throughout each lesson. I hope that by encouraging sportsmanship among all of the students, everyone will have a terrific year here at Thomas E. Bowe School.




    Mr. Brattelli

    Sportsmanship is....


    1.  Sincerely congratulating your opponent after his/her team just defeated you - especially after a close game.


    2.  Personally checking up on an injured opponent who has been taken off the playing field during the game.


    3.  Being mature enough to know that sometimes, in sports, it's not that your team lost - it's just that the other team won.


    5.  Not giving into the temptation of cheating in order to pursue your own personal goal of victory.


    6.  Understanding that when the game is over, it's time to shake hands, smile, and move on.


    7.  Knowing when your jubilation and celebration on the playing field

    is getting out of hand and is beginning to embarrass your opponent.


    8.  The Golden Rule applied in sports. 
    Treat your opponents in the same manner that you'd like to be treated.  Keep that one simple rule in mind, and you'll always be looked upon as an athlete who understands and honors the rules of sportsmanship.

Last Modified on September 6, 2020