• STEM Academy

    Recommended Course Sequence


    9th Grade


    Honors English I

    Honors Algebra II/Geometry

    Honors Biology/Chem

    Honors World History

    World Language

    MOUS, Software Apps
    or Intro to Programming

    10th Grade



    Honors English II

    Honors Precalculus

    Honors Chemistry/Physics

        US. History I (Honors or AP)    

    Project Engineering I

    World Language



     11th Grade


    Honors/AP Physics (x2)


    Honors English III

    AP Calc AB/BC (2)

    AP Computer Scienc

    US. History II (Honors or AP)

    Rowan I/ II **


    12th Grade



    AP Composition

    or AP Literature

    Financial Literacy*

             AP Chemistry (x2)
             AP Biology (x2)   
                AP Statistics
                Rowan III/IV **



    *Financial Literacy is a state requirement and must be completed prior to graduation. Students may complete this as their elective in 10th grade or defer until senior year.


    **Students who have completed the base requirements may take courses at Rowan University in their junior and senior years, up to one per semester schedule allowing. There are a variety of course options available depending on the student’s specific area of interest.


    Three primary areas of focus that students may choose to pursue are:
    Computer Science
    Medical Arts

    ***By senior year, academy students have completed the bulk of their core requirements and have a good deal of flexibility with their coursework both at GHS and at Rowan. Seniors may therefore choose among several combinations of classes in a way that matches their specific interests.


    Note: Courses designated (x2) run for two semesters and therefore occupy two of the eight available course slots in a given year.