• The Myth of College Scholarships

        Interscholastic athletics is not intended to be a "Farm System" for colleges and universities to groom their athletes.  The fact is that less than 1/2 of 1% of high school athletes receive any athletic financial aid to participate in college athletics.
         FOUR things most colleges look for in their scouting of high school talent:
                   1-  A good academic background, including good
                        GPA and SAT scores.  They are the kind
                        of student who will always attend classes and
                        strive for their degree.
                    2-  A good all-a-round attitude ranks right behind
                         academic credentials.  All colleges are
                          looking for athletes who are receptive to
                          coaching, possess a good work ethic, and
                          have a positive influence on their teammates.
                         When you remember that the college coach
                          spends several months with their players before,
                          during and after the season, you can understand
                          why "good attitude" is important.  Bad kids wear
                          the coach out and negatively impact the TEAM.
                    3- College coaches are turned off by kids without
                        character, who are having problems with the law,
                        are untrustworthy and pose too many risks for the
                        college program.
                    4-  Ability is very vitally important, of course, but it
                          no longer guarantees admission to a college
        Athletes are also required to be processed through the NCAA Clearinghouse if they are interested in playing at a Division I or II college or university.  They should contact their school counselor for further information. Student-athletes  can also go to the NCAA Website and download a copy of "The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athletes", under the publication section of their homepage.

Last Modified on July 23, 2009