• Volunteers Needed!   

       Commencing in the Fall of 2011, Glassboro will be providing a comprehensive Volunteer Training Program for all participants who are interested in serving as a parent volunteer.  One significant vehicle for parent involvement is a structured volunteer program.  When children enter Glassboro Public Schools, teachers and parents must become partners in facilitating children’s learning.  One of the most important things we can do for children is to allow them to see parents and teachers working together.  This helps children realize that there is a bond between home, community and school.   Parent involvement in schooling has shown to have strong and long-lasting effects on children’s school performance and to benefit the development of their language, self-help, motor skills, adaptive and basic school skills.  
       If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity with the Glassboro Public School district please visit our website at www.glassboroschools.us, click on the employment tab and follow the instructions for volunteers.  Upon completion of the paperwork you will be invited to a training session.  This training will provide everyone who attends an opportunity to ask questions and share previous experiences with other volunteers who share a common philosophy.  All volunteers must successfully complete a criminal history review check and will need to be approved by the Glassboro Board of Education Board Members prior to beginning their volunteering assignments.
Last Modified on September 13, 2011