October 23, 2020


    We survived the first week of in-person school. There are some additional challenges with COVID regulations that are hard for the children to understand. We are working on keeping our masks on for all times except during meals and recess. Every day the kids keep them on longer and longer. We are working on our new classroom rules and configuration which makes teaching a challenge. I need to remind you of a few things for next week:

    • No backpacks are permitted
    • Only disposable items for breakfast and lunch
    • If your child uses pull-ups, please send some in daily in a plastic bag.
    • Send in extra masks that can stay in school. If a mask breaks or gets wet, I would like to be able to change it for your child.
    • I am not going to be sending home papers every day, so I may send them in a plastic bag once or twice a week.
    • Please be aware that my classroom tends to be on the warm side, so dress your child accordingly.


    I am so proud of all my students because this is hard. I want to give an extra shout out to the parents who have selected virtual learning because I appreciate how you show up daily and you have been flexible during this transitional time.


    Next week we will do some activities with pumpkins for both in school and virtual learning.


    Have a nice weekend!

    Mrs. Mickle


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