• Board Committees and Appointments


    Note: The format for Board member's email addresses is the member's lastname@board.gpsd.us (e.g., volz@board.gpsd.us).
    You can click any name below to send an email.
    As president of the Board of Education, Pete Calvo serves on all committees.

    Administration Committee
    June Longley, Chairperson
    Ben Stephens 
    Ryan Hughes

    Instruction Committee

    Operations Committee
    Chris Esgro, Chairperson
    Lizabeth Roth
    Steve Smith



    Peter J. Calvo
    Legislative Representative to the NJSBA
    Borough Planning Board Representative

    Elizabeth Volz
    Gloucester County Professional Development Representative

    Chris Esgro
    Urban Boards Delegate

    Ryan Hughes  
    Gloucester County School Boards Association Representative
    Gloucester County School Boards Association Alternate Delegate
    NJSBA Alternate Delegate
    Ben Stephens
    Urban Boards Alternate Delegate
Last Modified on February 11, 2022