• Board Committees and Appointments


    Administration Committee

    June Longley, Chairperson
    Ben Stephens
    Dr. Stacie Tattersdill

    Committee Goals:

    • In collaboration with the CSA, evaluate existing district organizational chart to ensure alignment with district goals and objectives (Policy File Code 2121).

    • Provide oversight on the Policy Review process and ensure all policies are reviewed, approved and posted to the district website.

    • Review CSA recommendations on staffing, appointment, and retention.

    • Develop, in collaboration with the CSA and Board President the school board’s standards and annual evaluation of the Chief School Administrator based on the adoption of goals and performance measurement that reflect that highest priority is given to student achievement and attention to subgroup achievement.

    • Ensures the district’s Professional Development Plan is approved by the county professional development board and is appropriately administered.

    • Ensure policies and practices address residency requirements for enrollment.


    Instruction Committee

    Elizabeth Volz, Chairperson
    Ray Cibo
    Ryan Hughes

    Committee Goals:

    • In collaboration with the CSA, continually evaluate and report progress monthly of the NJQSAC District Improvement Plan.

    • Collaborates with the CSA and administration to ensure the district meets AYP, develops and implements strategies to increase in the prior year’s percentage of students within each subgroup that achieved proficiency (proficient plus advanced proficient) of at least five percentage points or at least 95% of each subgroup achieves proficiency in content areas not meeting AYP.

    • Works to ensure the district curriculum is horizontally and vertically articulated among all grades, content areas, and schools through the use of strategies such as curriculum mapping.

    • Ensures the district implements a planned systematic approach to key curriculum and developmental transition points between and among building levels (e.g. Pre-K to kindergarten, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school) and within school buildings with attention on student strengths and needs, student work, and planned interventions to accommodate transition.

    • Develop and implement goal and objectives as determined by the committee or board in collaboration with the administration.


    Operations Committee

    Chris Esgro, Chairperson
    Ray Cibo
    Michele Ricci

    Committee Goals:

    • Ensures the school board adopts a budget that sets student achievement as its highest priority and allocates sufficient resources to address instructional and operational needs to ensure every student has the opportunity to receive a thorough and efficient education.

    • Reviews budget transfers and contracts to ensure consistency with the law and with the district’s established priorities.

    • Reviews and expresses its support for the monthly Board Secretary’s and Treasure’s Reports and certifies in the minutes that the major funds (general fund, special revenue and capital projects fund) have not been over expended.

    • Ensure each Board Member reviews all audit recommendations and, if required, approves and submits an acceptable corrective action plan to any audit finding and recommendation, or other compliance-related report (e.g. Title I audits, special education monitoring reports, etc.).

    • Ensures the district has a long-range facilities plan and comprehensive maintenance plan and ensures the plans are administered

    • Ensures the district conducts an annual health and safety in each building using the Evaluation of School Buildings Checklist Report

    • Ensures the development and implementation of a Safety and Security Plan which assures a supportive and disciplined school environment that supports teaching, learning and student achievement of high academic standards.

    • Collaborates with the district administration to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable transportation of students.

    • Ensures the district technology plan is updated, approved, and implemented.

    As president of the Board of Education, Pete Calvo serves on all committees.  



    Peter J. Calvo
    Delegates Assembly Representative to NJSBA
    Borough Planning Board (appointed by the governing body)

    Elizabeth Volz
    Gloucester County Professional Development Delegate

    Ray Cibo 
    Urban Boards Alternate Delegate

    Chris Esgro  
    Urban Boards Representative
    Ryan Hughes  
    Gloucester County School Boards Association Delegate
Last Modified on January 15, 2020