• Welcome First Grade BSI

    Name: Mrs. Karen Peale
    Email Address: kpeale@glassboroschools.us

    Improving Your Child's Reading
    1. Read with your child every night. Re-read the same book. Research has proven that re-reading books helps to build fluency.
    2. While reading books ask your child questions. Who? What? When? Where? This checks for understanding.
    3. Have your child look at the cover and predict what the book is about. Have them predict from other pictures in the book
    4. Review your child's sight words every night.
    5. Have your child draw a scene from the book. It's a creative way to check for understanding. Have them draw several scenes and create what is called a picture story map. See if they can put the pictures in order in which the events occurred.
    6. Ask your child to give you a summary of the story. Not a blow by blow description, but the highlights of the story.
    7. Get your child a free membership to the Glassboro Public Library so they can borrow books. No need to spend money!
    8. See if your child can make a connection from the book to something in their life.
    9. Read books of different genres: Poetry, Biography, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction.
    10. As your reading the book to your child, have them close their eyes and picture the scene.
Last Modified on September 7, 2021