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    My wife Stephanie and I have 2 daughters.  Our oldest named Hannah May Rulon and our youngest named Solara Lynn Rulon.  We can't be more excited at how happy and healthy our children are.  I am sure we are biased but Hannah and Solara are absolutely beautiful!  Stephanie is also a Mathematics teacher who works at Deptford High School as a Special Education Math teacher.  She truly is the love of my life and the most beautiful woman I have ever known.  We both love to take long walks on the beach while reciting the quadratic formula!!!  No, seriously we both share a love of mathematics and are always helping each other become the best educators we can.  I am sure parenting will continue to change our lives in ways I can't even imagine.  I know being a father has changed myself as an educator and as a person.  Here is a picture of the Rulon family from Disney World in 2021.
    The Rulons 
    In my free time Steph and I love to work out at the Big Daddy Gym, spend time down Cape May, spend time with our families, visit Disney World, go to Phillies games, take walks around Pitman, and overall just enjoy each others company.
    In addition, I love to bowl, play tennis, and stay active!!!
Last Modified on September 12, 2021