• Grading Policy


    • All assignments will continue to be graded based on POINTS rather than out of 100%.
    • All assignments will be graded as FORMATIVE ("Classwork") assignments.  At this time, I will not assign SUMMATIVE assignments ("Tests)".
    • All assignments are due the Friday after they assigned and anything not turned in will receive a "0" in PowerSchool. However, late assignments will be accepted without penalty and the grade will be changed!  
    • Grades will be based on effort, not accuracy.  



    * Grades are given based on points earned, rather than out of 100%.
    The following assignments count as a FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT and count as 20% of the overall grade. 
    • Classwork assignements are worth 10-40 points, depending on the assignment.  Types of classwork assignments include journal entries, comprehension questions, short-answer responses, and vocabulary activities.
    • Writing assignments will vary depending upon the length.  Some writing assignments are single paragraphs; other will be two to five paragraphs.  The longer the essay, the more points it is worth. 
    The following assignments count as a SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT and count as 80% of the overall grade. 
    • Quizzes  are worth 50 points. There will be quizzes on vocabulary and reading comprehension.
    • Tests and projects are worth 100 points. There are tests based on passages read in class and on vocabulary units.  There are projects based on vocabulary and novels.

Last Modified on April 27, 2020