The J. Harvey Rodgers School, located at Yale and Dickinson Roads in Glassboro, New Jersey, is a local treasure, a reminder of our past, and a beacon of our future.


    J. Harvey Rodgers, a native Pennsylvania, obtained his teaching degree from Franklin and Marshall College and taught for several years in Pennsylvania before relocating to Glassboro, New Jersey. He began his dedicated service to the education of the children of Glassboro as a teacher. During his illustrious career, he received several promotions from Principal of Glassboro High School where he met his wife (a teacher at Glassboro High School and a native of Bridgeton, New Jersey), to Supervising Principal of the Glassboro School System. In 1933, he became the Gloucester County Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Rodgers resided with his family for many years on Villanova Road in the "Ridge" section of Glassboro. In 1955, J. Harvey Rodgers passed away leaving the legacy of his commitment to the education of our children. The school was so named to honor this prominent local educator.

    In the 1950's, Glassboro was a growing community. With community growth came the need for facilities to support the growth. J. Harvey Rodgers School was built in response to that need. The baseball field located on Yale and Dickinson Roads was identified as the ideal location for a new neighborhood school. The J. Harvey Rodgers School was dedicated in 1957. Teachers from Academy Street School were assigned to the new school and worked diligently over the Christmas break of 1957 to prepare for the January opening. The J. Harvey Rodgers School was originally designed as a neighborhood elementary school providing kindergarten through 6th grade to the children of the "Ridge" section of Glassboro. There were 2 kindergarten classes and 1 class each of the first through sixth grades. During the first year, one teacher actually served double duty in the school as both teacher and principal.

    Today, the J. Harvey Rodgers School is no longer a neighborhood school but provides early childhood education for all of Glassboro. After a large addition was added during the 2000-2001 school year, Rodgers school expanded to include 18 classrooms, a gym, and a cafeteria. The school services Pre-school and Kindergarten level students. The caring staff and warm atmosphere at the Rodgers School endeavors to make the transition from home to school an easy one for parents and children. The school is geared exclusively toward the needs of children between the ages of three and six. Care is taken to provide a safe, interesting, and stimulating learning environment that fits the unique needs of this age group.


    Special thanks to Mrs. Mathis, Mrs. Selfridge and Mrs. Sykes for their assistance and memories.