2016 - 2021
    Strategic Planning Overview
    Welcome to the Strategic Plan page. Please use the menu on the left to access the Strategic Plan Summary and the Strategic Action Plans which will guide the implementation of the overall plan.
    Why Plan?
    Strategic Planning creates an organization-wide mission--a "vision"--that directs, motivates and inspires all members of the educational community to work together for the common good. The process allows Glassboro Board of Education and administration to become more strategic managers of our limited resources and helps the district to be proactive rather than reactive when addressing change.

    Strategic planning answers three big questions:

    1.  Where are we today?
    2.  Where do we want to be in the future?
    3.  What should we be focused on today in order to get where we want to be tomorrow?
    First Steps
    The development process for the plan took place in 2015 - 2016. In late 2015, school district personnel created a detailed State of the Schools Report. The superintendent presented the report at the December 2015 board of education meeting and at the Strategic Planning Kickoff Meeting on January 11. 
    Planning Sessions
    The district's community affairs liaison organized Strategic Planning Meetings. Parents, the community, staff and administrators gathered for these intensive planning sessions on January 11, February 3 and March 2 (2016). NJ School Boards Association representatives guided the process. As the group identified strengths/challenges, a vision of the future and finally, goals and objectives, the plan's framework began to take place. 
    Action Plans
    Between March and May, the school district took the framework a step further and created action plans to meet strategic planning goals and objectives. The district presented the goals, objectives and action plans at the July 2016 Board of Education Meeting, and the board of education approved them. The district will update the community annually on the progress of the goals. Please take a moment to look over the summary document and action documents.
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